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OPG specializes in the delivery of filing and storage solutions into the business process. We design strategies to achieve the most advantageous filing, or storage, long-term system performance. We do this working with our customers. 

We develop, execute, incorporate, and uphold Records Management principals, based on high quality which our specialists adapt to customers' explicit unique requirements. This goal is achieved through a solid partnership with product vendors such as Jeter, Datum, Tennsco, Burroughs, IFS Filing Systems, Virtual Doxx among orthers.  This enables OPG to incorporate the most effective solution to your business requirements.

Our client base spans market industries, including Insurance, Finance, Banking, Mortgage, Medical, Museum and a multitude of business categories.

Office Planning Group Company History

1979: Representing over 300 manufacturers, we served virtually any business clients need.  Some of these manufacturers were quickly removed, in 1980, by a careful cleaning out of all but the 100 best manufacturers.

1979: TAB Products Company Partner relationship started that continued on/off for about 20 years.

1996: Joined the Spirit Group, a large buying group of similar dealers in the US, having contracted industry manufacturers that represent the best products and resources for our business clients needs.

1999: JETER Filing Systems dealer relationship that continues today as they are now part of TAB Products Companies.

2009: Museum Storage Solutions, Inc. division created with an easy transfer of experience to provide a great resource for collection managers and curators.  We have been warmly received by this vertical market that is so important to the arts and preseveration of history.  Joined the Iowa Museum Association and other industry knowledgable organizations.

2013: Moved office to a new location.  We had out grown our old office of 25+ years and we moved our warehouse portion of previous office space to a larger new flex-space that has 24-hour security.


    • Rick Schumacker,  President  - Rick
    • Alan Strohmaier, Director 
Office Planning Group Inc
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Des Moines, IA 50309

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